Automate Citrix monitoring for your apps and desktops

Don’t find out about performance issues from your users!  Proactively address issues with automated Citrix monitoring from the front-end.

automated citrix testing

Monitor performance from your end-users’ perspective

Automai Watcher is used worldwide for monitoring Citrix environments.

See how long it takes your users to:

Simple to use, effective monitoring

Totally code-less testing scripts

Testing means executing tests and fixing problems. It should NOT entail coding. Build automated test scenarios of your own workflows in minutes.

Automatically create scripts

Simply click through your applications as a user would and Automai will create the scripts for you.

Never write code

Code-free scripts are presented as actions anyone understands. Playback and watch the bot navigate the process.

Make changes quickly

Easily edit and add logic to your scenarios anytime.


Know how Citrix Virtual Apps are responding at any step, from any location

Constantly checks the response time of your applications from all your locations.

Know about slow performance before users are affected and quickly drill down to bottlenecks.

Get screenshots when the application fails to respond…SEE what the user sees

Predict what will happen with powerful trending reports

Because the bots are executing well-defined transactions at controlled intervals, it is easy to see how the applications perform over time. Note degradation at certain regular times, showing system overloads
View performance trends of your apps

Why use Automai Watcher for Citrix monitoring?

Only worry about what needs to be monitored, not how

Protocol independent, so you don’t need to involve the client’s Database, System or Network Administrators

Use the same scripts on any environment, software version, and access points

Create your scripts quickly and easily with ScenarioRecorder. Easily edit line actions anytime.

"Automai Watcher is the only solution that would work with our critical business application built on multiple technologies. Getting performance metrics from the end-user perspective has become invaluable information."

Fredrick Saint-Cyr
Los Angeles Metro, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Explore automated performance monitoring with Automai Watcher

Monitor your applications from the end-user perspective. No coding required.