One robotic automation platform for BizDevOps

A robotic automation platform to build custom workflows without coding. Then use for automation needs at every level: testing, monitoring, RPA
Robotic Automation Platform for BizDevOps

Emulate real end-user activity with custom workflows of your enterprise's business-critical applications

Automai’s bots look at your applications and navigate through processes the way humans do – from the front end.

Performance testing

Up to thousands of bots simultaneously navigate processes through your app from their own desktop and report back performance they see as the system is loaded.

Functional testing

Bots execute your scenarios under different test cases.

Application monitoring

Bots at key locations continuously run through the business processes. Proactively report slowness and failures.

Robotic Process Automation

Bots act as a virtual workforce. Automate execution of high volume repetitive tasks error free, and in record time. Free up the people in your business to get more done.

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Automai makes complicated processes easy to automate

Create your custom workflows:

Record: Click, Type, Script done

Automai’s recorder makes building a script as easy as clicking through your application. Simply turn on the recorder and proceed to click, type, your way through your process as a user would. Automai will constantly scan the screen, take note of your actions, and build your script within seconds.

Code-Free scenario “scripts”

Rather than code, Automai’s platform simplifies scripting by listing actions in plain language that everyone knows and understands. These actions are what a user does when navigating through a process with your applications and cover every possibility with:

Group the actions into components and sub-scenarios so that at a glance you see the main parts of your processes and can drill down to individual actions.
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Intelligent technology

Automai’s robots intelligently adapt and incorporate logic to navigate unusual application behavior as a human would:

Handle unexpected events. (Close popups, works with color variations, screen size changes, differences in positions of expected images, etc.

Search elsewhere on the screen if the image is not where expected​

Uses OCR or advanced image recognition based on the situation

Applies logic in process specific scenarios

Understand scripts at a glance

Organize your scenario by grouping your actions into components which are the main parts of the process (eg. Log in, look up vendor, submit request). These can further be divided into sub-scenarios or transactions. Measure performance of components, transactions, and down to the action.

Easy to maintain

Any portion of your workflow scripts can be changed by editing one or more actions.

You can also update for global changes (when the application is upgraded and menus change) by simply retaking the image once and applying globally.

Know exactly what doesn’t work

See instantly at which step the process failed, down to the exact action. Get screenshots of what appears on the GUI when the error occurred.

Integration with 3rd party software

Automai is the perfect way to add front-end performance monitoring to your existing monitoring setup. Alerts can be sent through your notification system and data sent to your reporting tools for comprehensive reports.

Revolutionize your business

Learn how a single automation platform will transform every part of your business.