How AppLoader achieves real front end load.

The end to end monitoring by AppLoader is achieved by robots that simulate multiple users from PC’s at multiple test locations. You can set up a scenario in minutes, and then apply consistent, measurable, and repeatable loads, and use the data to pinpoint scalability concerns before they impact end users.

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AppLoader is a tool that can help you simulate user actions on any kind of application for any number of users. It allows you to load stress applications or to test the quality of the applications you deployed.

You can build any scenario with the AppLoader Station without scripting, (including mouse events, keyboard inputs, if conditions, etc), and replay these actions as an end user would. AppLoader allows you to indicate WAIT times so the scenario will not proceed until these same objects appear at playback time. That way, the script never gets desynchronized even if the tested application becomes less responsive. For Windows objects that don’t have a “handle”, AppLoader provides a way to capture Bitmaps around the mouse cursor so playback will not continue until these same Bitmaps appear at playback time.

AppLoader generates performance reports, charts and triggers alarms if playback exceeds recording time by a certain percentage. In short, AppLoader is not only a tool to load stress applications on IT platforms, but is also a perfect tool for tracking user satisfaction.

AppLoader also works  with Terminal Services from Microsoft. Let’s say you need to simulate users accessing specific application, you can then set a Terminal Server to host these virtual users instead of setting up physical PCs. Install AppLoader Injector on Terminal Server, Build your scenario, create your test plan and you are done.

AppLoader Modules

AppLoader is comprised of 3 parts: the AppLoader Injector, the AppLoader Controller, and the ScenarioBuilder. Read More…

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