AppsWatch Screenshots

Click to see an actual screenshot of the failed screen with the error or missing icon circled in red

When a step of your Application does not happen as it should, AppsWatch will show you the screen as it appears and will even circle the missing or erroneous icon, field, word, message, etc.

See the error message your users are getting

How many times have users said they had a problem and said there was “an error message”, but couldn’t tell you what it said?

With AppsWatch, you can actually see the error message and everything else the users are seeing.. exactly as they do.

Alerts / Reactions

  • Numerical paging, Email, SNMP trap, and custom scripts
  • Set alarm thresholds, persistence conditions and two reactions per alert
  • Four alert levels: Down, Error, Warning, Information
  • Email can include up to 8 alert variables
  • Custom reactions using your own scripts


  • Create monitoring window profiles e.g.: “business hours”, “weekends” “week nights”
  • Exclude maintenance / blackout periods – no false alarms
  • Quickly assign profiles to monitoring groups


  • Real-time and historical graphs
  • Zoom from minute to monthly time scale
  • Comparison graphs: view up to 10 tests
  • Summary statistics at a glance
  • Choose line graph or bar graph style
  • Generate linear trend lines
  • View peak problem periods and recurring trends


  • Pre-made templates for the most useful reports
  • Analysis Reports include:
    • Daily / Monthly / Yearly
    • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Alert Details
  • Top (n) Reports include:
    • Slowest
    • Least available
    • Module specific data
  • Event lists

Intuitive Interface

  • Clean layout
  • Informative icons
  • Integrated help – Callouts

User Management

  • Grant read write access to different users for security purposes

Integrates with 3rd Party Software