This script uses Azure AD/Office 365 AD to log in to Citrix desktop and launches NotePad in the virtual desktop, once it makes sure that Notepad is open, it logs off from Citrix and Azure.

OnFailure the script’s set to log off Azure/Office 365 AD and close all windows.



  • To Use private browsing to avoid cashed credentials by
    check in Private Browser in Open URL properties


  • To Resize window/Move Window: The window’s resized and
    moved to (0.0) so that regardless of the resolution we use
    our script in or the window shows in different locations
    for users, it would still work.
  • Use Find Image In App Window For Citrix Desktop: use action
    Find Image In App Window instead of find image in active
    window because the active window is not the window we want.
    Windows Title can have a portion of the window’s tittle


Note: Login info should be updated on the script’s actions in ScenarioBuilder.


How to install this automation