Quickly Test the Performance of your Citrix application
from the Front End

See how long it takes your users to:
  • Open an application
  • Perform a transaction
  • Run a program or a report


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test performance of Citrix

Know the end-user response time at any step of the process, under any load.

  • Get the response time of your applications from all your locations
  • Test 50 or thousands of users to find your performance bottlenecks
  • Get screenshots when the application fails to respond … SEE what the user sees
  • Create your scripts quickly and easily with ScenarioRecorder
  • Quickly add variables, loops, and rendezvous points

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Challenges in testing Citrix applications

  • Difficulty working with multiple teams on the client side: Database, System, and Network Administrators
  • A short time frame for testing
  • Difficulty in configuring testing tools
  • Changing environments, software applications, and application versions
  • Different ways to access the application – Citrix, fat client and web portal


Why use AppLoader for Citrix testing?

  • Works for all versions of Citrix
  • Worry about what needs to be tested, not how.
  • Scripts are created automatically as you use your application
  • Protocol independent, so you don’t need to involve the client’s Database, System or Network Administrators
  • The technology enables you to use the same tests on any environment, software version, and access points

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