Quickly Monitor the Performance of your Citrix application from your End Users’ perspective

Monitor how long it takes users to:

  • Open the Application
  • Perform a transaction
  • Run a program, request a report, perform any measurable action


Simple to use, effective monitoring

  • Monitor any application, any environment
  • No scripting required
  • Set up regular analysis and SLA reports
  • Troubleshoot problems as they happen, before users notice

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Automated monitoring of Citrix from user perspective

Challenges in Monitoring Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

  • It's a pain working with multiple teams on the client side: (DBA's, System, Network Admins…)
  • Constantly changing environments, software applications, and application versions
  • Different ways to access the application … (Citrix, fat client, web portal)
  • Hassle of configuring monitoring tools

Why use AppsWatch for Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop Performance Monitoring?

  • Only worry about what needs to be monitored, not how.
  • Scripts are created automatically as you use your application
  • Protocol independent, so you don’t need to involve the client’s Database, System or Network Administrators…
  • The technology enables you to use the same scripts on any environment, software version, and access points…

Know how your apps are responding at any step, from any location.

  • Constantly checks the response time of your applications from all your locations
  • Know about slow performance before users are affected and quickly drill down to bottlenecks
  • Rectify problems before users notice them
  • Get screenshots when the application fails to respond…SEE what the user sees
  • Create your scripts quickly and easily with ScenarioRecorder
  • Quickly modify scripts when your app changes