Performance management crucial for healthcare applications

Technology manages every point of care — from patient admissions and physician rounds to medical records and bed management. And the need for effective performance management solutions is more urgent than ever.

After all, a poorly performing application — whether it is slow to respond or unavailable from time to time — can put employee productivity, quality of care, and patient safety at risk.

Load testing for Epic, McKesson, Allscripts, Meditech
Performance testing of Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, McKesson, Meditech

Load Testing of Healthcare Applications

AppLoader Healthcare verifies that a new or upgraded application meets expected performance requirements by simulating thousands of users accessing the application from multiple locations simultaneously.

AppLoader acts as actual end-users to give a true and accurate picture of end-to-end performance from a real user’s standpoint – for example, an application’s performance while accessing radiology records, admitting a patient, or verifying a medication order.

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Comprehensive Load testing for healthcare organizations

AppLoader supports every EHR application and its modules.  It also tests through different access points (such as Citrix), 3rd party apps, and custom apps.

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Healthcare Application Monitoring

AppsWatch Healthcare offers a unique front-end approach that looks at application performance exactly as a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, radiologist, front desk clerk, or other end-user experiences it. The software continuously monitors an application’s availability and response time throughout each stage of the healthcare process – such as patient admission and discharge, physician rounds or pharmacy's orders.

Ensure a good user experience at every point

Automai's AppsWatch for Healthcare comprehensively monitors every application in your organization.  No matter which application you are using, what 3rd party apps are involved, or where your users are accessing it from, you will be proactively monitoring them.

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