Record your User Sessions without compromising Sensitive Data

Enable automated, intelligent and programmatic pause and resume session recording.

What is the Issue?

Session recording solutions are used in a wide variety of industries for recording user activity while working in remote or physical PC environments.

If unaltered, these recordings often contain sensitive information such as credit card info or Social security numbers which can be used for malicious intent. The pause/resume capability that comes with session recording solutions is manual. Security teams cannot rely on call center teams or other personnel to reliably pause the recording before entering this info and resume afterwards. To stay within security compliance laws, there is an urgent need for a way to automatically and intelligently detect sensitive data fields and programmatically pause and resume the recording

The Solution

Introducing Automai Intelligent session Recording (ISR) Nanobot, a purpose built bot to ensure organizations can still view their recordings while enhancing security of sensitive data.

Automated Pause and Resume Session Recording

Uses both image recognition and OCR capabilities to allow enterprises to capture “images” or “text” to identify sensitive data fields, and pause and resume recording sessions based on the selected criteria.

Plug and Play Management

Automated Configuration with Scenario Builder does not require any coding. using simple drag and drop assembly to establish filter basis.

Sensitive Data Security Compliance

Ensure data security compliance using intelligent detection of sensitive data by eliminating the capture and store of that data during session recording.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Eliminate risks and concerns regarding sensitive content in recordings to allow QA and Training access to recordings that would otherwise be unavailable.

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