How to send test notification emails in AppLoader?

Sending test notification emails allows you to quickly and easily get updates for your load tests. This is helpful if you are running large load tests when testing multiple different test scenarios for a long period of time.

To send a test notification email, first you need to setup the SMTP Server configuration.

SMTP Server Configuration

To configure the SMTP Server settings, log in to the Controller as a user with the 'Administrators' group to access the Settings menu.

Click "SMTP Server Configuration". The “SMTP Server Configuration” form opens in a new window.


Enter the values for the settings, as described below.

SMTP Server: Enter the SMTP server address.

SMTP Login: Check this box if your SMTP server requires you to login.

Secure Login: Check this box if your SMTP server requires secure login.

SMTP User: Enter the SMTP server user name.

Password: Enter the applicable password for the SMTP user.

Send Mail From: Enter the email address from which mail will be sent.

Click “Submit” to save the changes to the SMTP Server Configuration.

*You can test your configuration via “Test Settings” button.


Click “Test” to send a test email. Expand the “Debug Output” section to view SMTP log messages. If an email is received at the “To Email” address, your SMTP Server Configuration is correct.

Test Notifications

Go to the "Manage Tests" page and open a Test plan.

Scroll down to "Test Notifications" section. This section allows you to set up email notification for your load tests status. Here, you can notify any user by email.


Put email addresses of the recipients and select/deselect the status check that you want to be notified about.

*For "Notify for failures" option, enter the delay in seconds between failure notifications.

Note you need to configure SMTP email server capability before AppLoader can send notifications. If you have not configured it, this section will not be displayed in the Test Plan form.

Once you are done, click "Save" button at the top of the Test plan form to save the changes.