Manage Reports in AppVerify Manager

After the Test run is over, the Manager gathers various information on the Test run and shows this data in the Test run report. You can access this report in different places throughout the Manager.

To look your Test results, go to the “Test Plans” page and click on “view test plan reports” button next to the Test plan.



Once you click on it, you will be automatically moved to the Test Runs page.


Here you will see all the Test runs executed for this Test plan with its results within the assosiated Test cycle. It shows how many Test cases have been succeed, failed, or not played in every Test run and allows to compare the results.

View the report by hovering over each Test run and click “Select”



The Test plan name, Test plan ID and status (succeed, failed, not played) are displayed at the top of the page.

The other parts of the report contain detailed information including Test cases statuses, Test cases names, Test cases IDs, failure screenshots, error messages or runtime.

You can filter the Test status on the Test run report to create a custom Test run more quickly. To do this, click button.


Here you can check each option to be included in the new Test run.


For instance, if 3 out of 6 failed Test cases are script errors, you can filter it by selecting “Script failures” to create a new Test run with only those 3 failed Test cases.

Once you are done, click “Apply” button to complete the new Test run creation.


Now, you can play a new Test run based on the filter condition.


To delete the Test run report, click on button.


To view and access to all the Test runs of the Test plan, click on button. You can click on each test run to view the test run results.