How to manage Test plans in AppVerify Manager?

Test plans

This section allows users to create and modify Test plans that will be used for generating and executing Test runs.

Here you can see the list of all Test plans and basic information about them. The list gives you the options to generate Test runs, view Test plan reports, edit and delete Test plans.

From this list, you can see which Test plans are locked and which are ready to be generated.

* Locked Test plan av_manage_tst_2means that the Test plan is still in “draft” mode and it is not published yet by the user. In this case, other users cannot access them.


* Use the filter av_project_05to search a Test plan.

Create a Test plan

To learn how to create a new Test plan, see this article.

Edit a Test plan

Edit a Test plan by clicking the Test plan name.


When you are done editing, click “Publish” to make the Test plan ready for execution.

Delete a Test plan

Delete a Test plan by clicking the “remove test plan” buttonScreenshot_85 next to the Test plan.


Once you click on it, a message pop up will be displayed;

Click on “Yes, delete” to finalize the deletion of the Test plan.