Log Management and Centralized Monitoring: LogWatch

What critical information are your log files trying to tell you?

Simplified log management through centralized monitoring, automatic notifications, and powerful search capabilities


Isn’t it time you understood what your log files are trying to tell you?  LogWatch makes log management a reality for networks of all sizes, bringing essential information (including intruders and security breaches) to light before it’s too late.  The flexible and easy to use tool consolidates log data from your systems, databases, applications, and Syslog enabled devices. Its intuitive interface provides powerful search, filter, alerting, and dashboard features so you can easily gather and find the data of interest.  With LogWatch, IT staff can quickly pinpoint specific events among thousands of log entries, as well as receive automatic alerts about critical security and performance issues in real time.  And IT professionals can easily generate event log reports in order to better understand the behavior and health of applications and servers, as well as simplify the task of auditing and documenting intrusion detection, network security, and Intellectual Property safeguarding for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Automatic, real-time alerts: LogWatch sends instant alerts to the appropriate personnel when key events (like a security breach or performance issue) occur.  Users can choose to receive alerts via email, page, SNMP traps, or custom scripts.  Powerful customization features enable you to set specific threshold, alarms, alert levels, custom reactions, and other variables.
  • Personalized dashboards: With LogWatch, each department, organization level, and individual can create their own personalized log dashboard that focuses on the log files important to their targets and objectives. And individuals can even configure multiple dashboard profiles and toggle between them.
  • Powerful search and filters: LogWatch makes it easy to find specific events fast.  Its flexible search and filter configurations accelerate log review and analysis.  LogWatch supports industry-standard regular expressions. It searches for specific keywords in log files and then picks up the entire line.
  • Ready-made reports — SLA monitoring, Top-n reports, daily/monthly/yearly: LogWatch offers pre-made templates for the common reports —including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly messages by filter types. Reports are color coded for easy reading and can be emailed to a specified group of colleagues and managers.
  • Detect intruders and security breaches: LogWatch centralizes security and intrusion monitoring across the enterprise, analyzing security event logs and automatically notifying you of possible breaches in real time.
  • With LogWatch, you can:
    • Protect your network from internal security threats (which is critical since firewalls can’t protect against this).
    • Help protect your Intellectual Property and sensitive data by monitoring access to critical files
    • Audit failed access records to prevent hacking attempts
    • Know who logs into which computer and when