SAP Applications Response Time Monitoring


Testing SAP application response time from the client side, … just as an end user would experience it.

The Unix Administrator has no alerts showing, the NOC is showing all green, the DBA is reporting healthy databases…… YET, the users call in saying they are not getting acceptable response time! How many times has this happened in your environment?
With businesses relying more and more on applications, it is no longer enough to know if the application is up and running.  It’s imperative to know if they are running fast enough to keep customers from turning away or internal processes from slowing down business.
Ultimately we all need to know if the users are getting acceptable response time.
AppsWatch presents a new approach to tackle the ultimate performance monitoring challenge, to ensure you always know the END to END response time of your SAP Applications.


Here’s how:
Know exactly where the slow points are in a multi-step process
You may be aware that your SAP Application is slow, but what step is causing the bottleneck? Is it the page right after the login page, or is a query taking too long to return the results? Chroniker’s AppsWatch tells you the overall response time, and also the time it took for every screen to appear.
Be alerted when a step of the application scenario fails.
Your application is complicated. After the user logs in, they go through several screens, filling out fields, clicking various icons, etc. What if one field is missing, or an icon does not appear? The user may not know it should be there, but AppsWatch does, and will tell you immediately that things were not as they should be.

Click to see an actual screenshot of the failed screen with the error or missing icon circled in red

When a step of your SAP Application does not happen as it should, AppsWatch will show you the screen as it appears and will even circle the missing or erroneous icon, field, word, message, etc.

See the error message your users are getting

How many times have users said they had a problem and said there was “an error message”, but couldn’t tell you what it said?

With AppsWatch, you can actually see the error message and everything else the users are seeing .. exactly as they do.

Get regular analysis reports such as SLA reports to see trends
The information on response time is doubly useful when you can analyze the behavior of your application over time.

  • Toggle between annual, monthly, daily, hourly, even 10-minute data with the click of a mouse.
  • Automatically generate top (n) reports: 10 slowest tasks per month, 10 least available tasks per month, etc.
  • Automatically generate Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports to compare your SAP Apps performance today vs. yesterday, this week vs. last week, this month vs last month, etc
  • Have these reports emailed to you on a regular basis

The most accurate response time monitoring tool on the market
There are several methods to monitor response time.  AppsWatch features technology that simulates a real user accessing your application from the Microsoft Windows interface.  Results are not deductions based on network activity or calculations.  Also, AppsWatch does not intrude on the users desktop to slow down their work.

Intelligent Technology Simulates the REAL User
AppsWatch “captures” and recognizes Windows Objects just as a real person would.

  • Finds the icon or object even if the screen location has been changed.
  • Finds objects even when a “handle” is not available.
  • Waits for the icon to appear before proceeding so the script never gets desynchronized , even if the tested application becomes less responsive.

Easy to use:  Absolutely NO scripting necessary, honestly!
Simply build your scenario with the user actions needed.  Begin running your tests in minutes.

AppsWatch is the ultimate monitoring tool to give you complete assurance of performance of your SAP applications.