Test your entire business process

Test from all points of Access:

Citrix, Web portal, Web app, VMware, VDI, RDP,...


Test every application in your process

Today's environments are complex, with your core apps interconnected with legacy systems, 3rd party apps, and databases.   Covers every angle with one license.

AppLoader tests entire business process

Realistic Load Simulation:

Interacts with your Application just as users do

Automai’s engine responds to images on the screen with keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks with intelligent reasoning.

Get Actionable results

AppLoader records information the user sees.

Captures Screenshots of failures so you can share with other teams and act on them.

Generate Load from different locations

Tackle performance issues for the whole business by testing from all sites, from local to global.

More Efficient Testing

Totally Codeless

Performance testing means executing tests and fixing problems.   It should NOT entail coding.

Simply click through your application, and AppLoader will create your scripts for you. Scripts are presented as actions everyone understands.  Easily edit lines anytime.

See how easy it is to create a script and start testing

Codeless scripting engine uses mouse actions and keystrokes

Eliminate false positives

AppLoader’s intelligent engine handles unexpected events

Intelligent robots emulate real human behavior and can maneuver pop-ups, color changes, images that have moved on the screen, font changes, and more.

See example of how Automai’s engine handles unexpected events.

The scenario was recorded using this screen. AppLoader finds the Login field and logs in to Citrix Receiver.

In this screen, the location of the login field has moved to the right. Also a popup has appeared.

AppLoader will still be able to complete the test without failing.  Like a human would, it will first close the popup and then find the field to complete login.  This is handled automatically and requires no extra programming.

Part of a complete testing solution

Use your same scripts for application monitoring with AppsWatch, regression testing with AppVerify, and later, RPA.

Complete Automation Solution