Who we are

Automai specializes in automation solutions for load testing, performance monitoring, regression testing and business automation that are so intelligent and flexible that you can use them out “out of the box” to optimize performance of all your business applications. 

Automai’s Testing suite was born out of necessity for headache free solutions

We started out as a testing company in 2000, and started to resell testing tools in 2002.

We found we faced the same challenges on every project:

  • Multi-tiered apps (layers of complexity)
  • complex protocols (Citrix for one)
  • lack of open APIs (needed by most tools, and requires hours of developing wraparounds)
  • and short time frames. (In general, companies need results in days, not weeks)

As you can imagine, there were short comings with every product we tried.

We wanted to give businesses independence to test whatever application, whenever they want, even with short time frames….with one tool. Businesses should not have to employ consulting companies for weeks or months to make testing tools fit with their applications.  High end testing should be available for people to test any application, any environment, any protocol, hassle free.

So, we created a suite of testing products that fulfilled our vision of the better way to test.

Simply put:

Because applications are used by people, we believe they should be tested in the same manner people use them….from the front end.  

We wanted to remove all protocol dependencies. So we developed an intelligent, image based technology to accomplish this.

Then we added all the features everyone wished they had during testing and made it intuitive, easy to use, and quick to deploy.

Since the launch of our first automated load testing tool in 2005, we have rounded out our offerings to include regression testing, performance monitoring, and now our RPA solution for business automation

And, as we are committed to keeping our solutions relevant, we encourage our clients to become involved in what’s next in automation.  Our development team works off feedback in the field.  After all, that is how we got started.


Founded in 2000, Automai is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is privately held.

For more information about Automai, our software testing products and services, or Automai’s Partner Program, please email info@automai.com.