Demantra Load Testing: Biggest Challenges When Load Testing Demantra

Demantra Application Testing


Load testing is unfortunately overlooked by many companies—to their peril. With software as important to the functioning of your company as demand tracking software, failing to gauge its performance capabilities under stress is something that can have disastrous results to your bottom line.

Why do many companies overlook load testing? Because they perceive it as being too costly to undertake properly. There are indeed many challenges associated with load testing, and these challenges can make load testing seem unappealing. However, if you are aware of these challenges and how to overcome those challenges, then load testing becomes easy and effective.

The first challenge is that of cost. With many load tester, the costs of testing can spiral out of control. When you add up the cost of the load tester, consulting fees, licensing fees and labor costs, load testing can indeed seem rather expensive.

Another challenge is time. Many load testers require complex coding, and they take a substantial amount of time to set up and execute each load test. Because you want to perform multiple load tests in order to gauge the software’s ability to handle different levels of stress, this can seriously delay the launch of your software.

Actually getting quality data is another problem. Load testing is useless if you cannot actually use it to identify bottlenecks or confirm that your software is ready to go live.

In order to overcome these challenges, you need to select the right Demantra load testing application. A great load tester that overcomes these challenges is AppLoader.

AppLoader is protocol independent and easy to use, which helps keep costs under control and allows you to easily set up and execute multiple load tests. No hidden licensing or consulting fees are attached.

In addition, it tests from the end user’s point of view, which gives you the best data possible to work with. This data is presented in easy to interpret charts and graphs that anyone can understand.

Finally, its speed is fantastic. You can set up and execute multiple load tests faster than other load testers on the market. This means that you can get your software out there quickly so that your company can enjoy the benefits of Demantra. At the same time, you will have performed enough load tests to be confident in the integrity of the software to perform.

With the help of a good load tester like AppLoader, you can use Demantra to track and predict demand for all of your products. This maximizes profits, which means that load testing ultimately pays for itself. It’s one of the best investments that you can make into the success of your company!


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