Encompass360 Load Testing: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Load Testing Encompass360

The Encompass360 mortgage loan origination software is a powerful tool for lending companies. When it works properly, it is one of the best pieces of software to originate new loans, track important developments from those loans, and retain compliance with changing regulations.

However, performance issues can limit these benefits. When Encompass360 is bogged down, its users cannot use the software as efficiently as they want or need. This means lost productivity, which ultimately affects your bottom line and both employee and customer satisfaction.

A common cause of performance issues in Encompass360 and other types of applications is stress from multiple users. When multiple users access the software at the same time, they place a strain on its performance. Coordination between your own systems and those of Ellie Mae can be strained.

To ensure that your Encompass360 set up is capable of handling the stress it will be under when it is in a live environment, you need to adequately load test it.

Here are five of the most important things that you need to know before load testing Encompass360. If you understand and apply these five things, then your load testing efforts will be more successful than if you do not.

1. Load Test from the End-User’s Point of View

Because your company’s employees will be the one’s using the software, you should perform tests that simulate what they experience. The data that you get from end-user testing will be the most useful because it will show you the levels of stretch where the software underperforms for the user, which is when there is slower processing of prospect’s information.

2. You Should Perform Multiple Load Tests

Your software will not have to process the same number of mortgage applications every day. Some days will be slower than others. To account for this, you should perform multiple load tests for normal usage along with higher than expected usage. If everything goes well, you can launch it into a live environment with confidence that it will perform well.

3. Load Testing can be Time-Consuming

Perhaps the biggest frustration with load testing is that it can seriously delay the launch of your software. Many load testing applications take a long time to set up and execute, and every delay means that your employees need to wait even longer to enjoy the benefits of Encompass360. Luckily not all load testing applications suffer from this problem.

4. Load Testing can be Expensive

Load testing also has a reputation for being expensive. Many protocol dependent load testing applications require you to purchase special licensing fees. Load testing applications that are difficult to use will usually require you to pay consultants a lot of money to help you set it up. When you add up your own labor costs from excessive set up time, load testing can seem to be prohibitively expensive.

5. Be Sure to Apply the Data

The data that you get from load testing is useless unless you actually apply it. If you select a good Encompass360 load testing application, then you should be able to clearly identify where the bottlenecks in your set up is and be able to easily go in and fix them.

As these five pointers suggest, the load testing application that you select is critically important. When selecting an Encompass360 load tester, you want to look for one that is protocol independent, easy to use, tests from the end-user’s point of view and presents data to you in an easy to interpret way.

One load testing application that meets all of these requirements is AppLoader. It is a high-quality Encompass360 load testing application that is affordable, efficient and effective. Selecting a load tester like AppLoader will make getting good results from your load testing easy and painless for your bottom line.

In fact, given that poor-performing mortgage origination software will cost you money, investing in a good load testing application can more than pay for itself.


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