Retek Load Testing: Biggest Challenges You Will Face When Load Testing Retek Software

Retek Application Testing


Load testing before going live with your Rotek software is important. When it works properly, Rotek manages and integrates practically every part of the retail process, from supply chains to final sale. Yet it only does these things well when it functions properly. And one common reason for the software to underperform is that it is unable to handle the stress of multiple users accessing it at the same time.

Load testing allows you to determine whether or not it will be able to handle that kind of stress. If you load test properly, you will be able to determine whether or not it will thrive under the stress, or falter under it. It is critically important to load test adequately before going live.

Load testing is not without its challenges. In fact, many companies do not adequately load test because of the challenges associated with it. Here are some of the most common challenges that companies face when they load test. At the end, you will learn about how to overcome these challenges.

Challenge 1: Getting Good Data

Load testing is useless if you do not get data that you can quickly implement to make the software perform better. Yet with many load testing applications, getting this kind of actionable data is difficult.

To avoid this challenge, look for a load tester that tests from the end user’s point of view. These load testers will give you the most realistic results possible. In addition, look to see how the data is presented. It should be easy to see where the bottlenecks are.

Challenge 2: Keeping Costs Under Control

Load testing can very easily become an expensive undertaking. When you add up the expensive licensing and consulting fees that come with many load testing applications, the costs can seem a little overwhelming. This doesn’t even include your own labor costs associated with setting up and executing load tests on complicated load testing applications.

Again, the key is to select the right load tester. To minimize costs, select a Rotek load tester that is easy to use and, ideally, is protocol independent. With these kinds of load testers, complexity does not correlate with additional power.

Challenge 3: Dealing With The Complexity Of Rotek

Rotek software is pretty complex. There are multiple parts working together to track and manage every part of the retail sales process. You need to perform load tests on each of these components, and that can be quite a challenge. After all if one component breaks down, such as the supply chain manager, then everything else falls down as well.

The load testing application that you select should be easy enough to set up load tests with that you can perform multiple load tests, yet powerful enough to adequately perform the tests.

One example of a load testing application that overcomes these challenges is AppLoader. AppLoader is a protocol independent load tester that tests from the end user’s point of view and is easy to use. This ease of use does not detract in any way from its power.

With a load testing application like AppLoader, you can keep costs under control, get actionable data, and account for the complexity of Rotek. With its help, you can implement your Rotek software into a live environment with the confidence that it will perform. Your employees will be happy about that, as will your bottom line.

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