Talisma CRM Load Testing: How to Load Test Talisma CRM Systems

Talisma CRM Application Testing

Talisma Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the premier CRM software for higher education institutions and nonprofits. It is popular because it allows for effective interaction with all of the constituencies of these organizations, especially students, donors, patients, families and alumni. In part this is because it integrates a wide variety of platforms and communication devices.

Most applications can be accessed via the web using a multitude of devices. This means that it is important to determine whether or not it is the system can handle being accessed by multiple users at the same time. If you fail to properly load test your Talisma systems before going live, you may find that the stress that it is put under overwhelms it, resulting in reduced functionality for your constituents.

On the other hand, if you do perform adequate load tests on your Talisma CRM applications, you will be able to launch it into a live environment with the confidence that it will perform the way that you and its users expect it to perform.

Here is how to properly load test your Talisma CRM applications. If you follow these steps, then your load tests will give you better results in less time and for less cost.

Step 1: Select the Right Load Tester

The load tester that you select for your load tests will ultimately determine how successful your load testing efforts are. If you select the wrong load tester, you faced a very real prospect of high cost, wasted time, and poor results. Selecting the right load tester can make it very easy to get exactly what you want.

Talisma CRM systems integrate multiple platforms and multiple forms of communication, including phone, e-mail, chat, SMS and web portals. In order to account for all of these different components, you need to select a load tester that is protocol independent and tests from the end users point of view.

The load tester needs to be able to simulate multiple users simultaneously accessing Talisma CRM from different types of devices.

It is also important that the load tester that you select is easy to set up and execute, since you will need to run multiple load tests to determine whether or not your Talisma CRM systems can handle different levels of stress.

Step 2: Perform Multiple Load Tests

It is important to perform multiple load tests on your Talisma CRM systems. You want to simulate different levels of stress so you can get a good sense of whether the system will perform well during normal times as well as the times when it will face higher-than-expected levels of stress, for example when the application deadline approaches for prospective students.

Part of this involves selecting the right load tester. Another part involves estimating the normal amount of stress will be for your system and estimating the amount of stress that it could conceivably receive during these periods.

Step 3: Analyze the Results

Once you set up and executed multiple load tests, you need to actually take the data that is generated from these tests and analyze them so that you can make the necessary adjustments to your Talisma CRM systems.

This is where a load tester which tests from the end users point of view really shines. You will get a very clear picture of when your application performs well and when it does not perform well. If it does not perform well, you can take this information and work with your developers and IT teams to make the necessary adjustments to the underlying infrastructure or the set-up of the programs.

If it does perform well, then you can go live and be confident that it will perform the way that it needs to perform.

One great load tester for Talisma CRM applications is AppLoader. AppLoader is a protocol independent load tester that tests from the end users point of view. It is easy to use and fast in its execution, which allows you to perform multiple load tests. Data is presented in easy to understand charts and graphs, which allows you to easily interpret the results.

If you rely on Talisma CRM to manage your constituents, then investing in a quality load tester is one of the best investments that you can make. Screwing this up is costly, while getting it right reaps fantastic rewards.

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