Intelligent Session Recording (ISR) Nanobot for regulatory compliance.

Streamline your recordings while protecting the security of sensitive data in Citrix and Calabrio. Automai Intelligent Session Recording (ISR) Nanobot is the industry’s first drop-in solution that enables automated intelligent and programmatic pause-and-resume session recording for security compliance. The Nanobot configures in minutes and allows enterprises to meet their session recording compliance challenges and needs.

The problem with session recording.

Recordings of customer service sessions are needed for quality and training purposes. However, they must not break regulatory compliances such as PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and GDPR.

Session recording solutions are used in a wide variety of industries for recording user activity while working in remote or physical PC environments. These recordings often contain sensitive information that requires the security team at most organizations to focus on compliance and safeguarding from malicious intent. For example, to be PCI compliant, storing credit card information after a transaction has been authenticated is not permitted, even if it’s stored in an encrypted call recording file.

Streamline your recordings while protecting the security of sensitive data.

Automai’s Intelligent Session Recording (ISR) Nanobot will pause and resume session recording based on the images or text it sees on the screen. If sensitive data fields are detected (credit card, SSN, etc.), the ISR nanobot will pause recording, then resume again when the sensitive info is gone.  Without concerns of sensitive content in recordings, QA and Training now have access to recordings that would otherwise have been unavailable.

How is the ISR Nanobot different from the built-in recording automation?

Most session recording solutions do come with some ability to pause recording when triggered by certain factors (like field class ID or by Windows). However, these built-in solutions do not have the intelligence to detect several of the situations and need costly development to work with specific applications. They also cannot easily adapt to changes in the application and need further development for any change in the application.  Automai adapts to your application and simplifies this process with its inherent capabilities for capturing images, OCR, and adjusting for tolerance.

Automai’s Intelligent Session Recording Nanobot provides:

  • Automated pause and resume session recording – uses both image recognition and OCR capabilities to allow enterprises to capture “images” or “text” to identify sensitive data fields, and pause and resume recording sessions based on the selected criteria.
  • Plug and Play Management – Automated Configuration with Scenario Builder does not require any coding, using simple drag and drop assembly to establish filter basis.
  • Sensitive Data Security Compliance – ensure data security compliance using intelligent detection of sensitive data by eliminating the capture and store of that data during session recording.
  • Increased operational efficiency – eliminate risks and concerns regarding sensitive content in recordings to allow QA and Training access to recordings that would otherwise be unavailable.

Get a single recording during the user’s session with a black screen with text sent by the ISR Nanobot explaining why the session was paused.

Session Recording

SS# In Recording


Intelligent Session Recording

Automai Nanobot sees SS# and stops recording


The ISR Nanobot is currently compatible with Calabrio ONE and Citrix session recording, and will soon support VMware session recording. For Citrix, you must be using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium On-Prem or a minimum of DaaS Standard+ Cloud versions (the minimum version of Session Recording 2012).

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