Why use Automai RPA for automating your business tasks?

Time-Tested Intelligent Robot Technology.

We’ve been using and improving our robotic automation technology for a looooong time – since it we started emulating human behavior for our automated testing solutions in 2000.  And it’s the best out there.

  • Smart image recognition
  • OCR
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotic automation

These are not mere terms to us. They are ideas we put into practice long ago, and keep improving on.

Our robotic automation intelligently copes with changing variables that human's process in decision-making every day, learning what’s important to your business, and adapting so you can focus on bigger issues.

Business automation flow with Automai Robotic Process Automation
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Automai RPA does not require programming skills. Business operations personnel who know the process and subject matter can be trained to independently automate processes using Automai RPA quickly.

Automai RPA will learn your process as you click through your application, and will present it in a clean diagram format which is easily editable. 

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Our philosophy is to get the job done without changing existing systems. We do not use API’s or heavy IT requirements that would affect the security, quality, or data integrity of your applications.

Automai’s robots access your applications exactly as a human does - via the user interface with an established access control mechanism (e.g., Logon ID and password) – requiring no underlying systems programming.

Business user friendly

Automai RPA’s relative ease-of-use and low requirement for technical support means adoption can originate inside business operations. Because RPA projects using Automai do not require expensive IT skills and investment in new platforms, the cost of automating processes with a viable business case is substantially lower.

Applications of Automai RPA include:

Customer service:

Offer better customer service with RPA by automating contact center tasks, including verifying e-signatures, uploading scanned documents and verifying information for automatic approvals or rejections.

Human resources:

Automate HR tasks, including onboarding and offboarding, updating employee information and timesheet submission processes.

Financial services:

Make foreign exchange payments, automating account openings and closings, managing audit requests and processing insurance claims.


Handling patient records, claims, customer support, account management, billing, reporting and analytics.


General accounting, operational accounting, transactional reporting and budgeting.

Supply Chain Management:

Procurement, automating order processing and payments, monitoring inventory levels and tracking shipments.