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Encompass360 Load Testing: Why You Need to Load Test Encompass360


Encompass360 Testing


There are multiple steps involved in setting up Encompass360 and fully integrating it into your business. Ellie Mae makes many of these steps easy. Once the software is up and running, it is great at adapting to the changing conditions of the mortgage industry and in tracking your borrowers from their first mortgage application through all of their payments.

One important step that many companies integrating Encompass360 miss out on, however, is performance testing, particularly testing its performance under stress. When it is in a live environment, Encompass360 will be accessed by multiple users at the same time. If it cannot handle that level of stress, then it will perform poorly.

At best poor performance will frustrate your employees. At worst it will hit your bottom line because you will not be able to originate as many new mortgages or properly track existing mortgages.

Lost productivity and a damaged bottom line are reason enough to invest in load testing. An additional factor to consider is opportunity cost. If you do not load test and find yourself having to deal with the consequences of performance issues, that means resources need to be spent on dealing with the problem that could be spent on other tasks, such as improving the software to make it better for its users.

So now that you understand why load testing is important, let’s talk for a minute about how to do it right.

The key is to select the right load tester. Many Encompass360 load testing applications are not very good. They run up high costs, take too long to set up and execute, and do not give usable results. With many of these load testers, many companies would rather just take their chances.

A load testing application like AppLoader does not suffer from these challenges. It is a powerful load tester that works on any Encompass360 set up that you have implemented. It has no hidden fees, tests from the end-user’s point of view, is easy to use, and presents useful data in a way that is easy to interpret.

If you invest in a good load testing application like AppLoader, then you will find that load testing practically pays for itself.

Given how important Encompass360 is to the workings of your business, this is something that would be costly to forego. Load testing is critical to the success of your mortgage origination software, and you should not fall into the trap that other companies do by ignoring that.

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