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PeopleSoft Load Testing: 5 Things to Know Before Load Testing PeopleSoft Applications

PeopleSoft Application Testing

Load testing can go one of two ways. It can either be a discouraging and frustrating experience, or it can be a helpful, positive one. The key to make it the latter is to go in knowing how to select the right load tester, how to set up the load test, and how to make the best use of the results.

PeopleSoft applications have their own unique load testing needs. If you want to take full advantage of the power of these applications, then you need to understand the following five things and apply them to every load test that you conduct.

1. PeopleSoft’s virtualization capabilities

Recent PeopleSoft applications, including those running PeopleSoft 9.1, are designed to be accessed from a virtual environment. Web-based and cloud--based applications are now the norm. This makes PeopleSoft applications more convenient for their users. It also presents some unique challenges for load testing.

Many of the protocol dependent load testers on the market today are not designed to effectively load test applications in virtual environments. Therefore, you need to find a load tester which is protocol independent. Such a load tester will allow you to test your applications in virtual environments in an affordable, efficient manner.

2. Test from the end-user’s point of view

You will get the best results from your load testing if you load test run the end user’s point of view. By simulating the end-user's experience, you will get the most realistic insights into how your application performs under different levels of stress.

The load tester that you select should allow you to change the parameters of the virtual users in the load test. You want the virtual users in the load test to access your PeopleSoft applications from different browser types and connections. This will make the load test as realistic as possible.

3. Load testing can be expensive if you choose the wrong load tester

One of the biggest reasons why enterprises often skimp on their load testing is because of its high perceived cost. Load testing is simply seen as being uneconomical. With many load testers on the market today, that is the case. There are, however, load testers on the market which are affordable. They do not contain the hidden licensing or consulting fees that make most load testers so expensive.

4. You should perform multiple load tests before going live

It is important to perform load tests from different levels of usage. You should perform a load test that stresses your application less than you expect it to be stressed. You should perform another load test where you stress the application at the expected level. Finally, you should perform a load test where the stress you put on it is greater than what you expect.

By performing, at a minimum, these three load tests, you will get very accurate assessments of how capable your application is to handle the stresses it will be under. Therefore, be sure to select a load tester which is easy enough to use where you can perform multiple load tests.

5. It takes a small village to conduct load tests

For PeopleSoft applications, you need to involve different departments in the load testing process. Your development and IT teams need to coordinate during the process in order to assess the results and make any changes that need to be made to the application or its virtual environment.

As you can see, the key to successfully load testing is to select the right load tester. One load tester that effectively tests PeopleSoft applications is AppLoader.

AppLoader is protocol independent, easy-to-use, and effective. It is capable of testing your PeopleSoft applications in any environment. There is no special coding required. All you need to do is tell AppLoader which application you would like to test and under which level of stress you would like to put the application under.

This allows you to perform multiple load tests from the end user’s point of view. AppLoader's affordability and quick execution make it a good deal for enterprises of all types and sizes. When it comes to your PeopleSoft applications, AppLoader helps you ensure that they perform for your team members, customers, and bottom line.

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