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PeopleSoft Load Testing: Which Load Tester to Select

PeopleSoft Application Testing


The key to successfully load testing your PeopleSoft applications is to select the right load tester. With so many load testers on the market today, knowing which load tester to select can be a little confusing. This article is going to discuss the important things look out for when selecting a load tester for your PeopleSoft applications. You will learn about the different types of load testers on the market today, and which one best suits your needs.

Let’s take a step back and consider the nature of PeopleSoft applications. PeopleSoft applications perform critical tasks around such things as customer service, human resources, supply chain management, and finances. Most PeopleSoft applications today are based in virtual environments, usually in the cloud or as a web-based application.

This means that the load tester that you select should be protocol independent. Unfortunately, many load testers on the market today are protocol dependent. They are incapable of load testing your applications in different environments. These kinds of applications also require you to purchase expensive licensing fees.

Selecting a protocol independent load tester that tests from the end users point of view will give you the best results. The load tester should be able to adjust the conditions of the virtual end users. This will allow you to test every type of PeopleSoft application in the most realistic way possible.

A common challenge with load testing is how long load tests take with many load testers. There is no reason why a load test should take weeks to set up and execute. You should select a load tester which is easy enough to use where you can perform tests in a matter of days or even hours.

These kinds of load testers will also allow you to perform multiple load tests on the same application. This will ensure that you can properly test your application for the different types of loads that it may receive when it goes live.

In addition, results should be presented to you in a way that is easy to interpret. You want to be able to identify where the problem areas are so that you can go in and make the necessary adjustments.

Most load testers on the market today do not meet these requirements. Many of them are protocol dependent, cost a lot of money to set up and execute, are time-consuming, and do not give you useful results.

One load tester that does meet these requirements is AppLoader. AppLoader is protocol independent, affordable, quick in its execution, easy to use, and delivers useful data. You can use it to test your PeopleSoft applications in any environment.

Given how important your PeopleSoft applications are to the functioning of your business and to the satisfaction of your customers, load testing is very important. If you select the right load tester, you can perform the load tests that are required. If you do that, then you can launch your applications into a live environment with the confidence that they will perform. Given its affordable price, AppLoader is an investment worth making.

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