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PeopleSoft Load Testing: Why You Need to Load Test PeopleSoft Applications

PeopleSoft Application Testing


Your PeopleSoft applications are critical to the success of your enterprise. Whether you run PeopleSoft applications to manage human resources, supply chains, finances or customer service operations, you need them to perform at their best.

Why Load Testing is Important

Properly setting up your applications is only part of the battle. Newer PeopleSoft applications are optimized for web and cloud-based usage. This opens up some excellent opportunities in terms of virtualization and convenience to the users.

The downside with web or cloud based applications is that you have less control over the platform. This means that testing is more important than ever.

Running some performance tests on your applications before going live with them is the best way to develop some certainty about whether or not your PeopleSoft applications will perform in a virtual environment. Load testing is one type of performance testing where you simulate multiple users accessing your application at the same time. By testing your application’s performance under different levels of stress, you can determine whether or not it is truly ready to go live.

The shorter development time frames which have been driven by the move to the cloud and web-based applications causes many enterprises to skimp out on their performance testing. Load testing in particular is too often overlooked because it is seen as being expensive and time-consuming.

The consequences of not properly load testing can be disastrous. If it turns out that your application cannot handle the amount of usage that it is put under when it goes live, then your critical operations suffer. Your employees lose productivity, which hurts your bottom line. Your customers are not serviced properly, which also hurts your bottom line.

All in all, it really is a bad situation if you do not perform the load tests that would have identified those problems before you went live.

How to Make PeopleSoft Load Testing Easy and Affordable

The good news is that you can afford to take the steps necessary to avoid these negative results. You can load test your PeopleSoft applications in a way that is cost-effective and efficient. The key is to select the right load tester.

The best load tester out there for PeopleSoft applications is AppLoader. Unlike the other protocol-specific load testers on the market today, AppLoader is protocol independent. It is an affordable, easy to use load tester with which to perform a wide variety of load tests on your PeopleSoft applications regardless of what platform they are on.

AppLoader performs load tests quickly, so even if your development cycle is short, you can perform the load tests that you need. This allows you to avoid the disastrous situations discussed earlier. If there are any problems, AppLoader’s easy to interpret data will alert you to where the bottlenecks are.

Given how important your PeopleSoft applications are for your enterprise and your customers, you cannot afford to skimp on your load testing. Thankfully, there is a load tester on the market which makes load testing easy and affordable.


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