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Talisma Load Testing: How to Set Up a Load Test on Talisma Applications

Talisma Application Testing

Depending on how you set it up, a load test on your applications run on Talisma systems will either give you useful results in a short amount of time or can drag out for a long time. This article will discuss how to set up a load test that gives you the former outcome.

The single most important decision that you will make is the load tester that you use. Most load testers on the market today are expensive and inefficient. Many companies choose not to do the testing that they need to do because of the hassle of most load testers on the market. This is unfortunate, because the way that these companies find out that their Talisma applications are underperforming is when a student is unable to perform a critical function because the servers cannot handle all the traffic that is put on it.

The best load tester on the market is AppLoader. AppLoader distinguishes itself from other load testers by being a simple yet powerful load tester that works on all types of applications. It works great on Talisma applications because it tests from the end users point of view. Because Talisma can be accessed from multiple devices, testing from the end users point of view allows you to get a good sense of how the user will actually experience your application on these different devices.

Other load testers on the market require you to do a complicated series of steps before you can actually run your load test. The steps usually involve coding and the input of expensive consultants. This is one reason why the cost of load testing is so high.

AppLoader, on the other hand, is simple to set up. All you need to do is install AppLoader on any Windows device, tell it what you will like to test, and tell AppLoader how much stress to put the application under. AppLoader does everything else.

Its ease of set up is one of the many reasons why AppLoader is the best load tester for Talisma-based applications. In addition to being easy to set up, AppLoader is efficient in its execution. Tests are performed quickly and relevant results are presented to you in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

After performing a load test using AppLoader, you will be able to quickly identify where bottlenecks are in your system and make the necessary adjustments before going live. By doing so, you save your users the hassle of dealing with an underperforming system. This is good for student retention, interacting with alumni, and ultimately your bottom line.

If you are using Talisma, AppLoader could be one of the most important investments that your institution makes.

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