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Testing as a Service: 5 Benefits of Testing as a Service

Testing by Application

You probably know why testing your critical applications is so important. Testing allows you to avoid getting surprised by performance problems and then scramble around trying to fix the problem that could have been avoided had you done your due diligence.

One testing option for organizations of all types is Testing as a Service (TaaS). TaaS shares resources in a way that allows an organization to only pay for the resources that they use to test their applications. Here are five benefits of TaaS over traditional testing options.

TaaS Benefit 1: You can get any type of application testing done

Testing as a service can be used to perform a wide range of tests. You can test for problems in the software with functional testing as a service. Performance issues can be discovered by load testing through performance testing as a service. Security vulnerabilities in your application, which can have serious financial repercussions, can be identified with security testing as a service.

All of these services use the same kind of consumption payment model.

TaaS Benefit 2: Your organization can save money

Doing your testing in house requires you to invest in a substantial number of resources. You need to purchase testing software, build the infrastructure to support that software, and pay human resources to set up and execute the tests.

With testing as a service, all of those costs are factored into the service provider. They already have the infrastructure set up. All you have to pay for is the fee for the testing services as you use them. It’s like the difference between paying your electric bill versus setting up a little power plant in your backyard to power your house.

TaaS Benefit 3: It is easy

Doing your own testing can be a daunting task. Your team needs to learn how to set up the testing software, properly set up the conditions on the test, and go through the trouble of executing the test and interpreting the data.

With TaaS, all of this is streamlined. Most of these steps will be simplified or even completely taken care of. This means more of your resources can be efficiently devoted to making adjustments to the application.

TaaS Benefit 4: It is scalable

Perhaps TaaS’s strongest benefit is that it is a practical testing solution for all types of businesses. If your testing needs are limited, then you only have to pay a rate that is appropriate for those limited testing needs. If your testing needs grow, you can painlessly scale that amount up.

If you do in house testing, scaling up sometimes requires greater investments in infrastructure, higher-end testing programs, etc.

TaaS Benefit 5: It will give you more confidence

Given its high cost and the fast speed of business, testing is one area where businesses cut corners. Testing as a service makes testing practical for all sorts of businesses. This means that you can properly test your applications, which means that when you launch them, you will be able to launch them with confidence in their ability to perform how you want them to perform.

As you can see, testing as a service has many benefits and is probably a testing solution that your organization should consider.

NRG Global helps businesses of all sizes in all industries satisfy their testing needs. They offer consulting services to help businesses determine what those testing needs are and how to best satisfy those needs. In addition, their application, AppLoader, is one of the most powerful load testers on the market today.

If you want to ensure that your critical applications function properly, can perform under stress and are secure, then NRG Global can help.

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