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Testing As a Service: How Testing As a Service Can Save You Money


Testing the critical applications that make your business function properly is extremely important. Performance testing before putting your application in a live environment allows you to confidently launch your application, knowing that it will perform even when it is under the stresses of everyday use. Functional and security tests add additional confidence.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not adequately test their applications. Sometimes this is because they are determined to get the application out as quickly as possible. Other times it is because they are intimidated by the cost of testing. Practical concerns over manpower can also get in the way.

This is unfortunate, because not adequately testing your applications can have disastrous effects. A poor performing application can lead to serious losses in productivity. This can hit your bottom line and affect the ability to serve your customers.

For some companies that test many applications, it may be a good idea to have in house testing capabilities. For others, however, it is hard to justify the cost.

So how can a business with limited resources and a tight schedule reap the benefits of proper performance testing without having to invest a large amount of money into software, infrastructure and manpower?

One solution is testing as a service.

Testing as a service is when you pay for testing in the same way that you pay for utilities: by the amount that you use. You do not have to purchase any kind of testing software, invest in the infrastructure to support the testing, or pay anyone on your staff to setup and run the test.

Testing as a service can be an affordable way to test your applications while getting good results. The transaction model of Testing as a Service means that your pricing will be more predictable than it would be if you did the testing in house. You will generally reduce the length of testing cycles, receive broader coverage, and be better able to conduct frequent testing.

All in all, this means that you will be assured that you have discovered any critical vulnerabilities that threaten your application.

There are all sorts of TaaS services out there that can fulfill your testing needs. Functional testing as a service allows organizations to conduct system, integration and regression testing. Performance testing as a service allows you to load test critical applications against the kind of usage that you anticipate your application being stressed under. Security testing as a service scans your application to identify any security vulnerabilities in your applications.

All of these are done under a consumption-based services model where you only pay for what you use.

NRG Global helps businesses of all kinds with their testing needs. AppLoader is their premium load testing application that is used by many different businesses to test their applications in an affordable, efficient and effective way.

NRG Global also offers consultation services. Their experts can help your business determine what testing needs you have and what the best solutions are to satisfy those needs. If you have applications on any type of platform, NRG Global can help you ensure that those applications will perform the way that you need them to perform.


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