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Testing as a Service: How to Overcome Testing Challenges With Testing as a Service


Testing is a burden for many organizations. This is unfortunate, because testing is critical to ensuring that your applications will perform the way that they need to perform. When they don’t perform, your organization loses productivity and your customers are underserved.

One increasingly popular testing solution on the market today is testing as a service (TaaS). It emerged as a way for organizations to deal with the common challenges that come with testing applications. Below are five testing challenges that organizations face, along with how TaaS can address them.

Challenge 1: Keeping costs under control

Perhaps the biggest reason why organizations cut corners with their testing is due to its perceived high cost. While it may technically be the right thing to do, it is all too easy to face the high cost of testing and simply choose to try your luck at launching the application and see how things turn out.

Testing as a service deals with the cost problem by sharing resources and thus only forcing you to pay for the testing resources that you consume. It is like paying your electric bill: you are only on the hook for what you use. Traditional testing is in many ways similar to building a power plant in your backyard in order to get any electricity in your home.

Challenge 2: Being able to scale your tests

The costs associated with testing are most daunting on organizations with modest testing needs. If you only have one application, for example, spending a lot of money to buying software is a harder to pill to swallow than spending that money to buy software if you have five different applications.

Because TaaS only charges you for what you use, you can scale your tests. If you only have modest testing needs, then your costs will be very low. If you have greater testing needs, then your costs will rise accordingly.

Challenge 3: Ensuring that you get quality results from your tests

Picking out the right testing software, then setting up and executing those tests requires a certain level of expertise. You may have to hire experts to help you decide on what kinds of tests to perform and what steps you need to take in order to set up and execute those tests. There is always the risk that you will choose the wrong advisors or put in place the wrong team, which can lead to poor testing results.

Many testing as a service providers have built-in quality control assurances. This gives you greater confidence that your tests will be set up and executed properly.

Challenge 4: Performing an adequate number of tests

There are multiple types of test that you should perform on your applications. These include functional tests, performance tests and security tests. Purchasing the right testing software and executing each type of test correctly is a daunting challenge for many organizations.

TaaS gives you the opportunity to perform all of these kinds of tests on your applications, which all of the benefits described in this article for each.

Challenge 5: Minimizing time to deployment

A frustrating part about testing is that it oftentimes takes a long time to do. The more time you spend testing, the less time your employees and customers have to enjoy the benefits of the application. In the fast-moving world of business today, this can even affect your bottom line.

TaaS tends to set up and execute tests quicker than in house teams because of the expertise of the service providers. After all, their entire businesses are built around testing. If you select a good TaaS service, then you can be confident in their ability to finish their testing responsibilities quickly.

The effectiveness of testing as a service to address these challenges is one reason why it is becoming an increasingly popular testing solution among different organizations. While the testing needs of organizations are different, you should certainly consider it as a way to bolster up your own testing programs.

To help you navigate these testing needs, NRG Global has solutions. NRG Global’s team of testing experts offers consultations for all types of organizations. They can help you determine what your testing needs are, and what kind of testing steps you need to take to minimize costs and maximize results.

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