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Testing as a Service: Testing as a Service vs In-House Testing


Testing, like other components of application development, can be outsourced. A popular way to outsource is to use testing as a service (TaaS). Taking a page from the cloud computing model, TaaS basically enables you to share testing resources in such a way that you only pay for the resources that you use.

If you only perform a simple load test on a basic application, your testing expenses are very low compared to load testing multiple applications with thousands of users, which would cost significantly more.

This newer model is different than traditional testing, which requires you to invest in testing infrastructure, including software and the labor costs required to set up and execute the test.

The advantage of in house testing is that you have complete control over all testing variables. If you select the right testing software and have the right team setting up and executing your tests, then testing in house will give you the results that you need. While containing costs and timing are challenging, they are possible to overcome.

That said, there are many “ifs” there. TaaS eliminates many of those “ifs.” With its consumption pricing model, costs are easy to contain. Because the TaaS service providers bring a great deal of expertise to the table, speed of deployment is usually better than in house testing.

In addition, TaaS is easier to scale than traditional testing, which usually requires additional investments in software and labor to set up and executed larger and more sophisticated tests.

The simplicity and predictability of TaaS is why many organizations are turning to it as an alternative to in house testing.

There are all sorts of tests that can be performed using TaaS. Functional testing, which tests whether or not your application actually does what it is supposed to do, is one popular kind of service that is done on the TaaS model. Performance testing, which gauges how well your application performs under stress, is another. The oftentimes overlooked but potentially pain-saving security tests are a third popular test done on the TaaS model.

The TaaS model, with its advantages in cost and timing controls, may be the right testing solution for your organization. Given its drawbacks, however, it may not be the best solution. This is where experts can help you out.

NRG Global has a team of testing experts that work with organizations of all types and sizes to identify and implement customized testing solutions. NRG Global produces some of the best testing applications, such as the powerful load tester AppLoader, that can make your in house testing more affordable and effective. NRG Global’s consultants can also guide your through the TaaS model if that is appropriate for your organization.

Given the importance of testing your applications, this is one area where you cannot afford to go in without a plan.

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