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Testing as a Service: What is Testing as a Service?


Testing as a service is becoming increasingly popular among organizations looking for an affordable way to test their critical applications. Thoroughly testing is an essential component in the process of designing and launching your critical applications. Some of the standard tests are functional testing, performance testing and security testing. Completing these kinds of tests can give you confidence in your application.

Having this kind of confidence in your application is important because the stakes are so high. Most organizations need their applications to run properly. If critical applications don’t work the way that they are supposed to work, then the organization’s mission inevitably suffers. This means disgruntled users and underserved customers, none of which is good.

That said, with budgets tight and the speed of business getting ever faster, testing is one area where businesses cut corners all the time. Instead of taking the time to set up and execute a performance test, businesses opt to just launch the application and see how things play out.

Decisions like these have resulted in the kind of bad scenario discussed earlier, which is an unacceptable state of affairs.

Testing as a service (TaaS) is an increasingly popular way for organizations of all sizes and types to enjoy the benefits of thorough testing without the need to invest huge sums of resources into building up the infrastructure, purchasing the software and paying the employees to set up and execute these tests.

In essence, you outsource your testing. TaaS works like utility companies: you pay the testing service providers only for the amount that you use. A similar model is at play with cloud computing, and many of the same benefits apply.

Because you only pay for what you use, you can save a great deal of money. Many types of testers become cost effective only when you use them to test multiple applications- with TaaS, you can be cost effective even if you are just testing one application.

If your testing needs grow, you can easily scale up with TaaS. The flexibility and predictable costs associated with testing as a service are what make it an ever more popular testing solution for organizations of all sizes.

A great resource to identify and satisfy your testing needs is NRG Global. The creators of the powerful AppLoader load tester, these testing experts offer consultations for organizations of all types. They can help you determine the kinds of tests that need to be performed on your critical applications, then direct you to resources that can help you perform those tests.

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