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Testing .NET Applications: How to Set Up a Load Test on Complex .NET Applications


.Net Application Testing

.NET applications are becoming more and more powerful. Combined with their ability to run on multiple vendors, these applications are able to do more things and make its users more productive than ever. Well running .NET applications can help your employees better serve their customers and their business, both of which help your bottom line.

With this increase in power comes an increase in complexity. The added complexity of modern business .NET applications makes it that much harder to ensure that they are available on demand and consistently performing as you expect them to perform. Failing to live up to these expectations can have disastrous consequences for your business.

This is why load testing your .NET applications before going live with them is so important. Load testing allows you to stress your application with the load of traffic that you expect them to receive. You can test their performance under a wide range of conditions and obtain an accurate picture of their end-to-end performance from the end user’s perspective. The data that you receive from your load tests can be used to make adjustments to the application and optimize system resources.

The challenge with load testing is to do it in a way that does not break the bank and delay the launch of your application. Unfortunately, most traditional load testers on the market today are expensive, slow and not very accurate. Many companies are discouraged by the challenges that these load testers present and shun load testing all together.

One load tester that overcomes these challenges is AppLoader. AppLoader is an affordable load tester that is protocol independent, versatile, fast and meaningful. It tests from the end user’s perspective in realistic test scenarios so that you get data that you can use to improve your systems.

AppLoader is the best load tester for .NET applications because is streamlines the load testing process so that you get the data that you can use in the least amount of time.

When load testing a complex .NET application, you can use AppLoader to break it down into more focused tests on simpler components of the application. By focusing the test, you can identify where specifically the bottlenecks of performance degradation are.

When you combine the power of AppLoader with smart preparation for your load test, you can overcome the load testing challenges that are so discouraging for many businesses. Ultimately it will be the users of the application, the customers that they serve and your bottom line that benefit most.

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