Testing .NET application in Citrix

Expanding with .Net application through Citrix Portal

Your company is expanding and adding more locations to go live with a .Net Application used through Citrix ICA client. You need to make sure that the application can handle the increased load with no problems.

You need to make sure that the current .Net and Citrix hardware can support the increase or the new hardware is compatible and can behave properly under the load as expected. You also need to know whether the added users’ security and configuration settings will cause any problems to the existing users. New users are trained differently; therefore, they use the system differently and will use new functionalities that aren’t used in production, just simply because current users don’t know about those features or those features are new. You need an automated testing solution that will allow you flexibility of testing from the front end like a real user without missing any layers of the application and provide you with accurate results for you to make a solid decision.

AppLoader is an automated testing solution that tests your application from the front end like a real user; it will allow you great flexibility to run different testing strategies against all your system’s layers and different variability of security settings and application data input. It helps you identify any unexpected problems, validate current expectations and pinpoint where problems are coming from quickly and affordably.

Some issues in .NET Citrix applications identified with AppLoader when increasing number of users are:

1.       False validation errors from front end: “Item code contains a key that is invalid in this context” Application throwing false validation statements that an account number does not exist while it does. This problem was identified through running a simple load test from the front end like a real user for the projected number of users and expected functionalities. A clear screenshot of the error, taken through AppLoader, was sent to the .net application vendor for fix.

2.       Deadlock errors on modifying a record: New users’ security settings were done in a new convention and interfered with current users’ settings which caused the deadlock errors.

3.       Unable to save request to database: Unable to update record in database, unique constraint violation. Clear screenshot taken through AppLoader was sent to the .net application vendor for fix.

4.       Citrix server unable to process your request: Some users could not launch the Citrix portal from the front end ICA client after a certain number reached on the Citrix server.

5.       Reports not loading: Maximum number reached error. Reports configuration were set compatible with the current users load; however, needed to be adjusted to comply with the increased load.

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