Testing web applications across different browsers and operating systems.

You have a client server application used through the web and another used through a fat client. Every month you need to install required automatic updates on different Windows Operating Systems and some application patches. Your users use the application on different Operating Systems and use different Internet browsers. You need to make sure that any new updates to the OS or application don’t degrade the application’s performance.

Testing the applications (web and fat client) on different OS and/or different browsers is repetitive and requires too much time and effort. It’s not even enjoyable for a person to do such a frequent task and it allows for human error in testing. You need a reliable solution that can run automated test for the fat client and the web application every month and alert you on failure. AppsWatch is an affordable monitoring solution that can run the scenarios from the front end like a real user against your applications on different browsers and different Windows operating systems repeatedly with a frequency you specify and alerts you when a degradation or failure occurs. It stores a clear screenshot of the problem and records the backend and front end resources (CPU, memory, disk IO, network, processes, etc…) to help you pinpoint the cause of the problem. This testing saves you time and money and prevents problems from reaching to production.

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