Demantra Load Testing: Why You Need To Load Test Oracle Demantra


Demantra Application Testing

Demand management software like Demantra is a critical part of your business. After all, if you cannot anticipate and track demand for your products, then you will have a difficult time being profitable. The integrity of this data can make the difference between losing a substantial amount of money and earning a substantial amount of money.

When Demantra performs the way it is supposed to, you are unlikely to experience these kinds of errors. It is designed to automatically gather and interpret data related to demand, and when it performs well it rarely slips up. Unfortunately, sometimes it does slip up when it performs poorly.

One common reason why Demantra underperforms is that it is not set up in a way to handle the amount of stress that it is put under in a live environment. When multiple users access it at the same time, performance issues can arise, and these performance issues lead to the problems discussed above.

Now the worst time to find out about these performance issues is when the software is actually being accessed by your employees. That is a costly time to be scrambling to make adjustments to the software’s set up. You don’t want to put yourself in that kind of position!

So to keep yourself out of that situation, you need to perform load tests on the software before going live.

As the name suggests, load testing is when you simulate multiple users accessing the software at the same time—ie putting a load on it. A well set up and executed series of load tests can identify bottlenecks in your software’s set up or confirm that it is indeed ready to go live.

This prevents you from stumbling into those terrible situations of desperate damage control and bruised profits. Instead you can launch the software with confidence and spend your company’s resources on other things.

Now this does not mean that load testing is always easy. Many companies are reluctant to invest the necessary resources into load testing because they perceive it as being too expensive and time consuming. Instead they opt to take their chances.

As you should be able to see by now, taking a risk like this can have devastating effects. Failing to properly track demand at best leads to a few wasted purchases and at worse can create a financial disaster. By not testing Demantra’s performance capabilities under stress, you set yourself up for those unfortunate scenarios.

And the fact of the matter is that load testing does not have to be expensive and time consuming. In fact, if you select the right Demantra load testing application, you can get quality data in a short amount of time without having broken the bank in the process.

One great load testing application for Demantra is AppLoader. As a protocol independent load tester, AppLoader works on all types of applications. It creates realistic end user load tests and is easy enough to use that you can set up and execute multiple load tests quickly.

This way you can perform the number of load tests that you should perform without worrying about spending too much money or delaying the launch of the software. With its help, you can implement Demantra with confidence that your employees will be able to take full advantage of its excellent capabilities.

Ultimately, if you load test properly your employees will be happy that they experience no performance issues, your customers will be happy that they have the products they demand, and your bottom line will be happy.


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