Oracle Transportation Management Load Testing: How To Select The Right Oracle Transportation Management Load Testing Application

Oracle Transportation Management Application Testing

The success of load testing depends primarily on the load tester being used. With complicated software like Oracle Transportation Management, this is especially true. Selecting the wrong load tester brings with it high costs, substantial delays and questionable results.

This article will discuss the most important features to look for in a load tester. At the end, you will learn about a load tester that includes all these features and will help you make your load testing efforts a success.

Protocol Independence

The best Oracle Transportation Management load testing application is one that is protocol independent. Protocol independent load testers give you the most flexibility because they can test your Oracle Transportation Management software regardless of how it is set up. They also avoid licensing fees that add to the cost of load testing.

End User Testing

You will get the most useful data when you test from the end user’s point of view. End user testing tests performance from the perspective of the people that will actually be using the software, which means that you can identify and correct bottlenecks or confirm that no performance issues exist.

Ease of Use

The easier the load tester is to use, the better. This is because you want to set up and execute multiple load tests on Oracle Transportation Management. After all, it is a sophisticated piece of software whose demands will fluctuate depending on the time of year. The more tests you can perform in the shortest amount of time, the better.

Quality of Reporting

Ultimately, you want to take the data that you get from your load tests and immediately apply it. This requires that the data is presented to you in an easy to interpret format.

One load tester that includes all four of these features is AppLoader. Because it includes these features, it allows you to load test Oracle Transportation Management—along with any other type of application—in a way that is fast, affordable and effective.

With so much depending on the performance of your transportation management software, you cannot afford to inadequately load test before going live. With the help of a good load testing application like AppLoader, you can launch Oracle Transportation Management into a live environment with the confidence that it will perform the way your company needs it to perform.

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