LPS Empowers Load Testing: Biggest Challenges Faced When Load Testing LPS Empowers

LPS Empowers Application Testing


Because of the nature of LPS Empowers, load testing before going live is critically important. When you set up and integrate the LPS Empowers mortgage origination system, you need to coordinate elements from your own infrastructure with those elements based on the LPS virtual infrastructure. Ensuring that everything will go smoothly performance wise when it is actually under stress is important to establish before going live.

The way to do this is with load testing. When you set up and execute multiple load tests on your system, you can determine whether or not it is capable of handling the stresses that it will be under when multiple users access it at the same time.

This has obvious benefits on both user experience and ultimately on your bottom line, since the proper performance of your mortgage origination software is a critical part of your business. You needed to be able to assess the worthiness of new loans and be able to track the status of existing borrowers.

Yet load testing brings with it certain challenges. These challenges are oftentimes frustrate companies because they can make load testing seem like an uneconomical use of their time and resources.

For one, many load testing applications require an extensive amount of coding and other complicated programming to set up each load test. This has the effect of dramatically increasing the amount of time required for each load test while requiring you to spend more money on labor costs and consulting fees.

Another problem is that many load testing applications do not test from the end-user’s point of view. This limits the usefulness of the data and makes it much harder to actually apply the results of your load tests. In many load testing applications, data is not presented to you in an easy to interpret way, which also frustrates efforts of implement the results.

These challenges: keeping costs under control, minimizing delays, getting out usable data and then being capable of applying the data that you get are the biggest challenges most companies face when they load test.

The key to overcoming these challenges is to select the right load testing application. If you select the right load testing application, then these challenges will be minimal or just never come up. If you select the wrong load testing application, then your efforts will be frustrating.

So what is a good load testing application to invest in? AppLoader is a great LPS Empower load testing application that allows you to load test affordably, efficiently and effectively. It features protocol independence for maximum flexibility. It tests from the end-user’s point of view, is easy to use and presents data in easy to interpret graphs and charts.

With the help of a good load testing application like AppLoader, you will be able to launch LPS Empowers with total confidence that it will deliver for your company, your employees and your customers.


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