LPS Empowers Load Testing: 3 Things You Need to Know Before Load Testing LPS Empowers

LPS Empowers Application Testing


Testing is an often overlooked yet important part of the process of setting up integrating LPS Empowers into your company’s infrastructure. Your mortgage origination system is critical to processing and tracking your loans, and if it does not perform properly, that has larger consequences for your business.

Load testing is a great way to gauge whether or not your system will be able to perform properly when it is under stress. It does this by simulating multiple users accessing your system at the same time. When done successfully, you can get a very good picture of your system’s performance and ability.

Here are five important things to know before load testing Talisma successfully and enjoy the benefits that proper load testing offers your ability to go live with your LPS Empowers system with confidence.

1. Load Testing can be Expensive and Time Consuming

Many companies are frustrated by load testing because it is expensive and consumes a lot of time. In fact, load testing with certain load testing applications can delay the launch of your system by months. This means a longer delay before your employees, and company, can enjoy the benefits of LPS Empowers.

The key to minimizing costs and accelerating the load testing process is to select a load testing application whose features do not result in these negative things from occurring. Some features to look for which will minimize costs and time include its ease of use, protocol independence and whether it requires special coding to set up.

2. Load Test from the End-User’s Point of View

When you are load testing, it is important to get the most useful results possible. You want to be able to set up and execute your load tests, then take the data the receive and use it either to confirm that your system is ready to go live or to identify bottlenecks and then go to work correcting those bottlenecks before going live.

To get this quality level of data, it is best to test from the end users point of view. When you test from the end users point of view, you are able to simulate the actual experience that your employees – who will actually be using the system — will experience. This ensures that the results will reflect when poor performance will actually make a meaningful difference for them.

3. Load Testing LPS Empowers Requires Coordination

LPS Empowers incorporates parts that are based on your company’s own systems as well as parts that are hosted virtually. Because of this, you will need to coordinate multiple parts of your company, including IT and developers, in order to get the most out of your testing. Failing to coordinate will minimize the benefits of load testing.

The most important decision you will need to make when load testing LPS Empowers is the load testing application that you select to use for your load tests. The best LPS Empowers load testing application out there is AppLoader.

AppLoader is a protocol independent load testing application. This means it works on LPS Empowers along with just about every type of application out there. What differentiates it from other load testers out there is that it is easy to use and is fast in its execution. Because it test from the end users point of view and includes intuitive reporting features, will give you the best data possible that you can use to improve your system.

With the knowledge of these three important things and an investment in a great load testing application like AppLoader, you will be in a very good position to effectively load test LPS Empowers in use that data to go live with confidence that a perform the way that your employees and your bottom line needs it to perform. 

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