Oracle EBusiness Suite Load Testing: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Load Testing The Oracle EBusiness Suite


Oracle EBusiness Suite Application Testing


The Oracle EBusiness Suite consists of an impressive set of applications for businesses of all types. They can help you manage your financials, manage inventory, manage employees, and much more. Different protocols like Java, .NET and XML are incorporated into each.

Needless to say, load testing such a diverse set of applications can seem a little challenging. This article discusses five of the most important things that you need to know before load testing the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite.

If you apply what you learn here, then you will be able to integrate these applications into your company with full confidence in their ability to perform properly.

1. Load Tests can be Expensive in Time and Resources if Done Improperly

When you look at such a diverse set of business applications, the first thing that may come to mind is that it will be extremely expensive to load test each and every one. Indeed, if you use protocol dependent load testers for each one, things will quickly become expensive.

This doesn’t have to be the case if you use a protocol independent load tester that is capable of testing all different types of applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite.

2. You Should Perform Multiple Load Tests

One load test is not good enough with the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite. The amount of stress that it will be under in a live environment will vary depending on the time of the year. For example, with Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications, your application will be put under more stress during, say, the holiday season than it will during other parts of the year.

Because of this, you should set up and execute multiple load tests on your Oracle EBusiness Suite applications. In general, you should perform a load test for normal levels of stress along with higher-than-expected levels of stress.

By doing so, you can see exactly under what levels of stress their performance will begin to suffer.

3. Load Tests from the End-User’s Point of View Will Give you the Best Results

Oracle EBusiness Suite is popular in part because the applications are in large part web-based. Your users can access it from anywhere with multiple types of devices.

Therefore, if you want to get the best results possible from your load testing, you need to be able to load test from the end user’s point of view and simulate access from different types of devices and browsers.

4. Protocol Independent Load Testing Applications Will Give You the Most Versatility

To expand a little bit on a point that was made earlier, because the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite run on a variety of protocols, you need to invest in a protocol independent load tester.

The problem with a load tester that is protocol dependent is that you are limited in your testing capabilities. For example, applications in the suite which rely on Java may testable with one load tester but those running on .NET are not.

In addition, you will probably need to purchase licensing fees with those load testers, which also increases the cost of performing load tests.

It is actually better to invest in a load tester that is protocol independent. A protocol independent load tester means that you can set up and execute load tests on any type of configuration that your Oracle EBusiness Suite applications are on. You will not need to purchase licensing fees and can use one load testing application to load test all of the applications on the EBusiness Suite.

5. Load Testing is a Team Effort

It order to successfully set up and execute load tests on Oracle EBusiness Suite applications, you need to involve multiple departments in the process. Developers and IT professionals are all required in order to properly execute and apply the results of your load tests.

As you can see much of your load testing success will depend on the load tester that you select. As each of these five things illustrates, selecting the wrong load tester can greatly hinder your results and make load testing such a diverse set of applications costly and time intensive.

On the other hand, selecting the right load testing application ensures that you will get the best results possible with the least investment in your company’s resources.

AppLoader is an excellent Oracle EBusiness Suite load testing application. It is protocol independent, which means you do not have to purchase expensive licensing fees. In addition, this easy to use piece of software can set up and execute load tests quickly.

In short, with AppLoader you get effective, efficient and affordable load tests for all of the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite. There is no need to purchase multiple load testers, struggle to set them all up, and pay a fortune in consulting fees. Instead, the whole process is a simple, yet important step in integrating these applications into your company’s system.

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