Oracle EBusiness Suite Load Testing: Biggest Challenges When Load Testing Oracle EBusiness Suite Applications

Oracle EBusiness Suite Application Testing

Load testing is one of the least talked about parts of the process of integrating a new application into a company’s infrastructure. While it may not be as fun as picking out and developing the right application, it absolutely is as important.

After all, even though the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite are powerful when performing well, they are useless when suffering from performance issues. Load testing protects you from these performance problems by gauging whether or not they will come about before the applications go live.

When load testing, it is likely that you will face some challenges. For many companies, these challenges are enough to turn them off from load testing completely. Of course, by doing so, they risk at minimum frustrating their employees and, more likely, damaging their bottom line.

If you understand these challenges before testing, you can take steps to avoid them. As you will see, avoiding them really is not that difficult.

With the Oracle EBusiness Suite, the biggest load testing challenge is dealing with the different engines that are at the foundation of these applications. Some run on Java, others on .NET, others on HTML, still others on XML.

Many load testers are simply incapable of testing all of these. If you use those load testers, you will spend a small fortune on the load testers along with the licensing fees that typically accompany them!

This challenge is not too difficult to overcome: all you need to do is select a protocol independent load tester.

Another challenge is that of timing. Load testing has a reputation for taking a long time to finish, thus delaying the launch of your applications.

Again, the key to overcoming this challenge is to select the right load tester. A load tester that is easy to use and fast in its execution can make it easy to set up and execute multiple load tests fast.

Finally, getting quality data is a concern. You want to get data from your load tests that you can take, interpret quickly, and use to fix any performance bottlenecks that are exposed.

A load tester that tests from the end user’s point of view and gives easy to interpret data will allow you to skate by this challenge!

One load testing application with all of these critical features—protocol independence, end user testing and ease of use – is AppLoader.

AppLoader makes testing all of the applications in the Oracle EBusiness Suite easy and affordable. You can get the data that you need to ensure that they will all perform the way that they are expected to perform for your business.

Given the importance of these applications to the proper functioning of your business and the existence of quality load testers like AppLoader, there is no excuse not to properly load test these applications!


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