Oracle Transportation Management Load Testing: Biggest Challenges You Will Face When Load Testing OTM

Oracle Transportation Management Application Testing


Despite its clear benefits, many companies do not adequate load test Oracle Transportation Management before integrating it into their company’s infrastructure. This can potentially lead to disastrous results, since poor performing transportation management software can hit the bottom line of any company that does shipping hard.

The reason why companies skimp on their load testing is because load testing is seen as being too challenging to undertake. This article will discuss some of the biggest challenges that companies face when they load test. When you know what kind of challenges to expect, it is much easier to anticipate them and make the necessary adaptations to them.

In addition, you will learn about how to overcome these challenges so that they do not hinder your load testing efforts. Indeed, by the end of the article you will be able to load test affordable, effectively and efficiently.

The fundamental challenge to load testing a complicated piece of software like Oracle Transportation Management is performing multiple load tests in a short amount of time. In order to fully gauge the software’s ability to perform, you should run tests on both normal levels of stress and higher than expected levels of stress.

The reason for conducting multiple load tests is that you can develop confidence in the software’s ability to perform even when there are sudden spikes in usage, such as during holiday shipping periods.

Of course, many load testers make it difficult to set up and execute multiple load tests in a timely fashion. To properly load test the software before going live, you need to significantly delay its launch. This denies your company the ability to take advantage of the software’s features. These load testers are responsible for load testing’s negative reputation in this respect.

Another challenge that frequently comes up is cost. With many load testers, costs can easily spiral out of control. Complicated, protocol dependent load testers usually bring with them licensing fees, consulting fees, and high labor costs. There is also the opportunity of cost due to the length of time most load testers require.

Finally, getting good data is a significant challenge faced when load testing. If you do not get good data, then load testing is simply a waste of time. Unfortunately, many load testers do not give quality data or present that data in an easy to interpret format.

As you can see, these challenges can be a little discouraging to say the least!

The good news is that these challenges are dependent in large part on the Oracle Transportation Management Load Testing Application that you select. Picking the wrong load tester will bring up these challenges. Picking the right load tester, on the other hand, will allow you to avoid or overcome these challenges.

A great load tester to use for your load testing is AppLoader. AppLoader shines because it is protocol independent, tests from the end user’s point of view, is easy to use and gives quality data reporting. These features work together to minimize costs, speed up the testing process, and give you actionable data.

With its help, your company will not have to pour an absurd number of resources into load testing, and you can launch the software fast with confidence that it will perform the way that you expect. Regardless of the amount of stress it is under, your Oracle Transportation Management software will be able to track and management every part of the shipping process.

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