Oracle Transportation Management Load Testing: Why You Need To Load Test Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle Transportation Management Application Testing

Load testing is overlooked by many companies, but it is important. With Oracle Transportation Management, it could literally add or detract to your bottom line.

If you are a shipping company, the Oracle Transportation Management software is at the heart of your business. You rely on it to track and manage your shipments at every step of the process. You need it to perform well so that it does not make mistakes or delay any step of the process.

Consider what happens if the software underperforms. At the very least, customers will be frustrated due to delays or mismanaged shipment. Beyond that, delayed or misplaced shipments could have a very direct impact on your bottom line.

Now if it is set up properly, Oracle Transportation Management does not suffer from these problems. That is one reason why it is such a popular piece of software among shipping companies.

Unfortunately, it is not always set up in a way that optimizes performance. When it is put under the stress of multiple users accessing it at the same time, these errors in set up make themselves known is a big way.

Needless to say, you do not want to find out that it is incapable of handling the stress when it is in a live environment and actual packages and customers are involved!

The way to gauge whether or not it is capable of handling the stress before being put in such a live environment is to load test it. Load testing is when you simulate multiple users accessing the software at the same time. You can then see whether performance bottlenecks emerge.

If bottlenecks emerge, you can fix them before going live. If there are no bottlenecks, then you can launch the software in a live environment with confidence in its ability to perform.

The benefits of load testing should be clear. The question is, why do so many companies fail to properly load test Oracle Transportation Management before going live?

The simple answer is that they perceive load testing as being too expensive and time consuming. With many load testers, this is indeed the case. But given how expensive performance issues can be, it should be clear that load testing is worth a very high cost.

The good news is that you can actually load test without investing a huge amount of resources and time. Indeed, load testing can be a relatively painless, beneficial experience if you do it the right way. The key to making it work is to invest in the right load tester.

AppLoader is a load testing application that is protocol independent, which means that it works on Oracle Transportation Management and just about every other type of application. It tests from the end user’s perspective and is easy to use, which means that you can set up and execute multiple realistic load tests fast.

With affordable, timely and effective load testers like AppLoader on the market, there really is no excuse not to properly load test Oracle Transportation Management before going live. Your customers, employees and bottom line will all be happy that you did!


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