Retek Load Testing: Why You Should Load Test Retek Software

Retek Application Testing


Implementing or upgrading Retek software into your business’s infrastructure is not something that is done overnight. It takes some time to set everything up and, of course, to run some tests to ensure that everything functions properly. One important test that is oftentimes overlooked is load testing.

Load testing is when you simulate the stress that the software will be under when it is accessed by multiple users simultaneously. In some cases, this stress is enough to cause serious performance issues. Load testing allows you to see where those performance issues are so you can fix them before the software is in a live environment.

Load testing is too often underutilized by companies. In some cases, this is because they simply are not aware of load testing. In other cases, they skimp on load testing because they perceive it as being too expensive and time consuming.

This is unfortunate, because the consequences of not load testing are severe. Because Retek tracks and manages practically every level of the retail sales process, poor performance can have disastrous consequences for the bottom line.

Consider the consequences of improperly tracking consumer demand for a product, or in sales data failing to enter properly, or for a product to be improperly delivered. All of these things cause employees to become frustrated, customers to dislike their service, and ultimately for money to be lost.

Again, load testing can detect these performance problems before these negative consequences are felt by your company. It is better to undertake this kind of prevention than to be blindsided when the software goes live.

Now that you can see why it is important to load test, let’s discuss how to do it in a way that keeps costs affordable, gets you good data, and does not substantially delay the launch of your software.

The key is to select the right load testing application. AppLoader is a great load testing application for Retek software. It is protocol independent, easy to use, tests from the end user’s point of view, and gives quality data reporting.

With a good load testing application like AppLoader, you can indeed set up and execute multiple load tests on every component of your Retek software fast and easily. You can avoid the consequences of performance issues discussed in this article.

Given how important well-functioning Retek software is to the success of your company, investing in a good load testing application could very well pay for itself. Putting in the resources and time to test it right will be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made.

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