Talisma CRM Load Testing: Why You Need to Load Test Talisma CRM

Talisma CRM Application Testing

Most organizations under-test their applications. One critical test that is often times overlooked is load testing. Load testing is when you gauge your applications performance capabilities by creating scenarios where you simulate different levels of stress. You can see under which levels of stress the application performs well along with the levels of stress under which the application does not perform well.

Given how critical your Talisma CRM applications are to the success of your institution, performing an adequate number of load tests is essential. You do not want to find out that Talisma CRM is performing poorly when your students, alumni and patrons are trying to perform important tasks. Poor performance also affects communication channels, which is one of Talisma CRM strengths.

All of these hurt the credibility of your institution and your bottom line.

To properly service your constituents, your applications need to perform well as much as possible. Load testing before going live with Talisma CRM helps ensure that this happens.

Talisma CRM applications are web-based, and can be accessed by their users for a multitude of browsers on different devices. This benefit does not do them any good, however, if performance is poor.

Performing load tests from the end users point of view where you can simulate different users accessing the application simultaneously from different browsers helps ensure that your users will be able to enjoy this benefit.

Though there are clear benefits, load testing is underutilized. This is because load testing can be frustrating if you select the wrong load testing application. If you select the wrong load testing application, load testing can take up an enormous number of resources along with a substantial amount time. In many cases, useful data is not even gleaned from these efforts.

These pitfalls turn many organizations off from load testing.

This does not have to be the case. Selecting the right load tester can ensure that your load testing efforts will be effective and efficient.

AppLoader is an example of a Talisma CRM load testing application that avoids these problems and gives your institution the full benefits of load testing that were discussed earlier. AppLoader is great because it is protocol independent, tests from the end users point of view, is easy to use, and presents its data and in easy to interpret formats.

Given how important load testing is to the functioning of your Talisma CRM applications, and by extension the happiness of your constituents and a healthier bottom line, investing in a load testing application like AppLoader is one of the best investments that your institution can make.


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