Testing Cloud Applications: Top 5 Things to Know Before Testing in the Cloud


Cloud Application Testing

Testing applications in the cloud is different than testing applications in a data center. Whether you are moving critical applications over from a data center to the cloud or installing a fresh application, load testing is more critical than ever. If you do not test, then you have no way of knowing how your application will perform when it is under stress.

Load testing can be a challenge for your business, especially when dealing with a deployment deadline, a tight budget and all the technical requirements of traditional testing tools.

In this article, you will learn about five important things that you need to know before testing your application in the cloud. If you take heed of these five things, then you will enjoy the benefits of the cloud more than if you do not.


1.Testing on the cloud is protocol independent.

You cannot manipulate the infrastructure that the cloud provides for you. This means that you cannot use plugins, you cannot install agents, you cannot directly access servers and you cannot access the databases.

2. You should be testing from the end-user’s point of view.

This gives you the most valuable data possible because it allows you to clearly see what it will be like to use your application while it is up and running at different levels of capacity.

3. When you are testing, pay close attention to the meter.

Most cloud-based services charge by how you use. If you have systems turned on that you’re not actually using for your tests, then you are just wasting money.

4. Clouds have different rules that regulate what you can and cannot do with their services.

It is important to research these rules ahead of time, along with licensing restrictions, in order to avoid bumping heads with the service provider as you test and release your application.

5. Before testing your application, you should develop a plan.

You should know exactly what you are testing for, what data you are looking to get and how you will test for normal loads and greater than expected loads. Thinking these things out beforehand will allow you to test more efficiently and result in less time and money spent.

Knowing these five things before you begin testing will ensure that you will get the most out of your efforts.

Unfortunately, traditional testing methods can be prohibitively expensive. Our application, AppLoader, allows businesses of all sizes to quickly and cost effectively load test their cloud-based applications.

After applying these tips and running AppLoader, you will have much more certainty over how your critical application will run on the cloud, and you will be more confident in a successful launch of your application.

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