Talisma Fundraising Load Testing: Why You Need to Load Test Talisma Fundraising

Talisma Fundraising Application Testing


Organizations of all types use Talisma Fundraising to achieve their goals. That allows everyone in the organization to work from the same donor records and databases. From there, they can take a strategic and coordinated approach to contacting donors and soliciting donations and support.

When it functions properly, Talisma Fundraising is one of the best donor management suites on the market. Unfortunately, many organizations are frustrated when Talisma Fundraising does not work properly for them.

A common reason why Talisma Fundraising underperforms is that it is not set up in a way in which you can handle the stress of multiple users accessing it at the same time.

When organizations find out that their set up is incapable of handling the stress in a live environment, fixing the problem is difficult. At the very least, they have frustrated users. More often than not, a poor performing system detracts from fundraising efforts which means less money comes in. That directly affects the bottom line.

Organizations can avoid these problems if they properly test their applications before going live with them. While there are all sorts performance tests that should be run, one important test which is often times overlooked is load testing. Load testing is when you simulate multiple users accessing your application at the same time. By doing so, you can find out whether or not your Talisma Fundraising set up is capable of handling the stresses that it will receive when it goes live.

If you properly load test your Talisma Fundraising, you can identify problems while you are fully capable of fixing them without frustrating constituents and hitting your bottom line. If there are no problems with your applications ability to perform under stress, then you can go live with more confidence.

With these benefits, it should be apparent that organizations should set up and execute an adequate number of load tests. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most organizations do not adequately load test their Talisma Fundraising applications.

The reasons why organizations do not is because they see load testing as uneconomical and frustrating. Many load testing applications are difficult to set up and execute, expensive in both human and capital resources, and incredibly time-consuming.

If you want to successfully load test your Talisma Fundraising applications, then you need to select a load testing application that does not suffer from these problems.

One load testing application which does not suffer from these problems is AppLoader. AppLoader is a protocol independent load testing application, which means it works on Talisma Fundraising along with just about every other type of application. It also means that you do not have to purchase expensive licensing fees, which helps keep costs down.

AppLoader is easy to use, which means you can set up and execute multiple load tests quickly. It tests from the end users point of view, meaning that the results that you get are useful. Data is presented to you in easy to understand charts and graphs, which makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and go to work fixing them.

As you can see, load testing Talisma Fundraising is a great investment if you invest in the right load testing application. With the help of a good load testing application like AppLoader, you will be able to take full advantage of Talisma Fundraising.

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