Talisma Fundraising Load TeTalisma Fundraising Load Testing: Biggest Challenges When Load Testing Talisma Fundraising

Talisma Fundraising Application Testing


It is frustrating when an application performs poorly due to receiving stress when multiple users access it at the same time. With fundraising, this directly translates into a smaller bottom line. Therefore, identifying your set up’s weaknesses before going live is important.

Load testing your Talisma Fundraising set up before going live is the best act of prevention that you can take to avoid this unfortunate result. However, load testing does not come without potential problems, and understanding the challenges that organizations face with their load testing efforts will help your load testing efforts go better.

Challenge 1: Managing Costs

Load testing has potential to be expensive, both in human and financial resources. Many load testing applications are difficult to set up and execute. When you add up licensing fees, consulting fees, and the money that you pay your team members to work on each load test, the price tag can indeed become daunting.

To overcome this challenge, you must select a load testing application that is protocol independent and easy-to-use.

Challenge 2: Accounting for the Variables

Talisma Fundraising performs multiple functions. It allows organizations to communicate with donors, manage scholarships, and process payments. In order to actively test such a sophisticated piece of software, you need full control over the variables of your load tests.

A load testing application which gives you full control over the load testing simulation, including the types of devices and browsers your simulated users will be accessing the application with, allows you to test for the special capabilities of Talisma Fundraising.

Challenge 3: Getting Useful Data

Your load testing efforts are meaningless if you do not get data that you can actually use. You want to go to clearly see if your set up has any bottlenecks or if it will perform well under the levels of stress you expect to receive. Not all load testing applications give you data that you can easily interpret and apply.

To overcome this challenge, you should select a load testing application that test in the end users point of view and presents data and in easy to interpret format.

There are load testing applications out there which address these challenges, and allow you to set up, execute, and apply load test effectively.

One such load testing application is AppLoader. AppLoader allows you to manage your costs, set up effective load tests, and get useful data out of them. It is easy to use and fast in its execution. Because it is protocol independent, you can test your Talisma Fundraising on a wide variety of setups without having to pay for expensive licensing fees.

It is a smart load testing application to invest in, and can help you use Talisma Fundraising to serve your constituents.

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