Testing Citrix Applications: Biggest Challenges When Load Testing on Citrix


Citrix Application Testing

The beauty of Citrix Systems is that applications can be accessed virtually from practically any device. With its clean graphical user interface and ease of use, it is no wonder that Citrix Systems are very popular in the business world. In order to ensure that your users can take advantage of these benefits when you launch an application- or a new version- on Citrix, it is important to conduct a proper load test in order to gauge how well it will perform when it is under heavy stress.

Creating a load test on Citrix can be challenging, however. Part of this is because of the nature of Citrix. In order to enable Citrix applications to be accessed remotely by users over the cloud, Citrix applications have many components. Citrix applications are accessed on both thin and fat clients, which is difficult for many traditional load testers.

Another challenge is the nature of traditional load testers. If you have looked into different load testers, you have probably noticed that many of them are very expensive. When you add together the cost of setting up the load test, paying the consulting fees and then paying for the resources to execute the load test (which can take a very long time!), It is very easy to see how costs can spiral out of control.

Going beyond the cost of creating and executing a proper load test on Citrix, a big challenge is getting the appropriate data. Properly planning out your load test beforehand can help this problem. In addition a proper planning, you need to select a load tester that will give you the most useful kind of data: performance data from the end-user’s perspective. With all of the complexity of Citrix applications, testing from the same interface of your users is extremely important.

Time is another key concern when running load tests on your Citrix applications. Many load testers take a lot of time to set up and execute. The more time your load tests takes, the longer your users need to wait before being able to access the application and experience its benefits. That ultimately means more money wasted. It also means less time and fewer resources can be dedicated to improving the application.

Cost, effectiveness and efficiency are the three biggest challenges faced when load testing on Citrix. Most load testers do not overcome those three challenges.

AppLoaderis a load tester that is designed specifically to address these challenges in a user-friendly way. Unlike other load testers, AppLoader requires no special plug-ins or licenses (in the fees that come with them), or any kind of scripting. This takes away a lot of the unnecessary complexity that comes with other load testers.

AppLoader tests your application from the end-user’s point of view on both fat and thin clients. It does this efficiently – tests on AppLoader are performed significantly faster than on other load testers. The data that you get is relevant and can be applied immediately. AppLoader is flexible, which means that you can test your application with a wide range of expected users. Tests can be run with both typical and heavy loads so that you can get the most useful data possible on your application’s performance.

AppLoaderis simply the best load tester for Citrix Applications on the market today. It is also significantly more cost effective than other load testers, making it a sound investment for businesses of all sizes and in all markets. You can use AppLoader to test your Citrix applications, ensure that they will perform well, and get them out to your users as quickly as possible.


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