Testing Citrix Applications: How to Test Your Citrix Systems


Citrix Application Testing

The friendly interface and virtualization capabilities of Citrix Systems have made it an important part of many companies. If your business has implemented Citrix Systems, then load testing your applications is incredibly important in order to ensure that your applications will run the way that they are supposed to run when they go live.

The power of load testing your applications on Citrix is that you can avoid problems that come up when your systems are not running at their highest capabilities. It is a type of prevention. If your systems turn out to be unable to handle the amount of usage of your applications, and as a result your applications run slowly and do not give your employees the ease of access they expect, then there are potentially some major problems.

On the flipside of the coin, if you properly load test and find that your applications run very efficiently, then you can be very confident in launching your critical applications on your Citrix Systems.

The problem of load testing is that it can be very expensive and time-consuming. Many businesses who load test find themselves investing far more resources than they ever imagined into their load tests. This is because effective load tests simulate the end-user experience for a large number of users. Traditional ways of setting up a load test which does those things is not easy.

The virtualization capabilities of Citrix amplify these challenges. The multilayered nature of Citrix applications make load testing from the end user’s perspective that much more important. It also makes it that much more difficult to set up traditional load testers.

This makes load testing on Citrix Systems simply too expensive for many businesses. Even for businesses that can bear the cost, the sheer amount of time that an effective load test requires is a significant drain on resources.

If you want to load test your Citrix applications without having to spend an enormous amount of money, commit a huge chunk of your talent, and delay the launch of your application, then you need an application that simulates the end-user experience at normal and higher-than-expected loads that is priced affordably and works quickly. An application that does this is AppLoader.

AppLoader can ensure that your Citrix applications will be available when they are in demand. It does this simulating the end user experience on both fat and thin client. The complexity that comes with Citrix’s virtualization capabilities makes this kind of end-user testing that much more important.

With AppLoader, you can load test your Citrix applications at different levels of demand, including higher than expected levels of demand. AppLoader’s detailed reporting will keep you relevant data which will help you see when your application performs well and when it does not.

Whether you are a small or a large business using Citrix Systems, AppLoader will be a powerful tool for you. There is no better way to know how your application will perform in a live environment. Your accounting team will appreciate the long-term savings. Your IT and development teams will appreciate having to worry less about performance and instead spend more time on improving the application itself. Most important of all, this proactive load testing will be much appreciated by your employees who rely on these applications to improve customer service. This will ultimately be appreciated by the customers at the receiving end of that service.


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